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Enjoy Professional Car Detailing at Your Home or Office

We take great pride in offering top-quality detailing services directly at your home or workplace, saving you precious time and energy. No more waiting at a detailing center – we bring everything necessary for an unparalleled car care experience, including water, electricity, and essential tools.


Flexible Scheduling for Your Convenience

Our scheduling options are designed to accommodate your needs. Whether it's during a lunch break or on a weekend, we are here to cater to your preferences and ensure a seamless experience. You can count on us to adapt to your schedule.


Expert Services and Outstanding Results

Our team consists of skilled and seasoned professionals who consistently deliver exceptional services using top-of-the-line products and cutting-edge equipment such as steamers, air compressors, and carpet extracting machines. We are dedicated to providing you with the finest results, leaving your wheels looking and feeling brand new. Our passion for our work shines through in every detail.


Transparent Pricing with No Hidden Costs

We believe in transparent pricing and guarantee no hidden fees or additional charges for our mobile services. The quote you receive is the final price, providing you with excellent value for the exceptional service we deliver. We aim to build trust and ensure that you have a clear understanding of the costs involved.


Experience the Convenience of Mobile Car Detailing

Discover the benefits and convenience of our mobile services right at your home or office in Islip. We are here to simplify the cleaning process, making it efficient and enjoyable, so you can focus on enjoying your pristine ride.

Don't hesitate to embrace the unmatched convenience of car detailing. Contact us today to book your appointment.

Our Most Popular Services

Premium Interior Detail

Is your car in need of a comprehensive cleaning to restore its pristine appearance? Look no further! Our dedicated team specializes in providing professional deep cleanings that can tackle any messes effectively.

Equipped with state-of-the-art tools, including carpet extractors, steamers, and other top-of-the-line equipment, we ensure that the job is done right. Our meticulous approach allows us to eliminate stubborn stains, pesky pet hair, and more, resulting in an immaculate interior that will impress even the most discerning eye. Trust us to bring back the freshness and cleanliness your car deserves.

Wash & Wax

Maintain the pristine appearance of your car with our premium wash and wax service. Designed to combat the dirt and debris brought by the elements of NYC, this specialized process not only removes grime but also provides an added layer of protection against future damage.

Our meticulous wash and wax procedure ensure that your paint will shine as clear as day, leaving your car looking brand new. With our guaranteed results, you can trust that your vehicle will receive the utmost care and attention it deserves. Don't wait any longer—give us a call today to schedule an appointment and experience the transformative power of our wash and wax service.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At the core of our values is a steadfast commitment to excellence, ensuring that we consistently fulfill our promises and achieve success in every job we undertake.

Arrival Time

We understand the importance of your time, and we highly value it. To provide you with the utmost convenience, we will notify you promptly when we are on our way

Easy Scheduling

We understand that life can get busy and demanding. That's why we strive to accommodate your hectic schedule and prioritize getting you in quickly for your convenience.

Specialized Services.

Ceramic Coating

Experience the ultimate protection for your vehicle's exterior with our meticulously hand-applied protective polymer coating. Our cutting-edge solution seamlessly integrates with your car's existing paint, forming a robust defense against potential damage. Not only does it provide unmatched protection, but it also creates an additional hydrophobic barrier, enhancing your vehicle's shield against the elements. Don't wait any longer to safeguard your paint. Schedule an appointment with us today and let us apply our exceptional coatings to protect your vehicle.

Paint Correction

Our skilled team employs a meticulous approach to eliminate slight imperfections and defects in the clear coat of your vehicle. With great care, we attend to the affected areas, gently refining and revitalizing them. Through our expert techniques, we achieve remarkable results, enhancing the overall appearance of your paint by addressing these minor issues. Experience the transformation as your vehicle regains its polished and improved look. Trust us to provide the attention to detail your paint deserves.



Our Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the concept of car detailing?

Car detailing encompasses a comprehensive process of cleaning, restoring, and finishing both the interior and exterior of a vehicle. The objective is to enhance its visual appeal, preserve its condition, and protect it from deterioration.


How frequently should I have my car cleaned?

The frequency of detailing depends on various factors such as your driving habits, environmental conditions, and personal preferences. As a general recommendation, we suggest getting your car detailed every 2-3 months or as needed, depending on your specific requirements.


How does your automotive company differ from a regular car wash?

While a typical car wash primarily focuses on removing surface dirt and debris from the exterior, our detailing service goes beyond that. We meticulously clean and restore both the interior and exterior of your vehicle, providing a more thorough and comprehensive approach.


How long does an appointment usually take?

The duration of an appointment varies based on the chosen service and the condition of your vehicle. Our basic services typically take between 1-3 hours, while more extensive services may require additional time for completion.


Do you offer mobile detailing services?

Yes, we proudly offer mobile detailing services in Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Hempstead, and the rest of New York. Our skilled technicians arrive fully equipped with all the necessary tools, including water and electricity, to detail your vehicle at your preferred location, ensuring maximum convenience for you.


Which types of vehicles do you detail?

We cater to a wide range of vehicles, including trucks, SUVs, and vans. For more information regarding specialty vehicles, please feel free to contact us for further assistance.


Do you use environmentally friendly products for detailing?

Absolutely! We prioritize the use of eco-friendly products and techniques to minimize our environmental impact while still achieving exceptional results in our detailing services.


Can you remove scratches and swirl marks from my vehicle's paint?

Our specialty services are designed to minimize the appearance of minor scratches and swirl marks on your vehicle's paint. However, for more extensive damage, such as deep scratches, paint correction or professional touch-ups may be necessary. We recommend consulting with our technicians for a more accurate assessment and guidance.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, as well as Venmo, Cash App, and Zelle, for your convenience.


How can I schedule an auto detailing appointment?

To schedule an appointment for auto detailing, you can give us a call, fill out the contact form on our website, or conveniently book online through our scheduling platform. We look forward to serving you and providing top-notch detailing services for your vehicle.

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